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The Great Debate

Posted on: June 12, 2009 2:08 am
Edited on: June 12, 2009 2:09 am

Kobe or LeBron?

Everyone is asking the question but what is the answer? And to tell you the truth I have no idea! And I don't think that anyone else has a clue either. The two players are so different in size and style that it is very hard to compare the two.

I think that there are a couple of questions that can be answered about the debate though. If you are asking which player is the most skillful it would have to be Kobe Bryant hands down. His work ethic and commitment to the game is like none other. Kobe's ability to make shots with defenders draped all over him is the best in the league. His basketball IQ is also one of the best in the NBA.

If Kobe was in LeBron James' body I think Kobe would easily be the best basketball player the world has seen, but that's the problem, Kobe is 6' 6" and 200 pounds. The God given size is where LeBron wins. He is 6' 8" and 250 pounds. LeBron has a much larger frame and still has great speed, Which enables him to do many more things with more ease. It seems like every time the game is on the line all LeBron has to do is drive it in for an uncontested lay-up, If anyone dares to stand in the way of 250 pounds he goes to the foul line where he is much improved.

Both players are better in certain areas of the game but if you were to ask me who I would rather have on my team I would pick LeBron James. He is hard to say no to. The fact that he improves every season even when you already think he is the best is amazing. His size and athleticism gives him the ability to be a lockdown defender and do anything he wants on the offensive end. And even though I would have to say that Kobe has a better jump shot, it seems like LeBron's is improving every single season and he is only 24!

I pick LeBron over the two but that does not mean he is better than Kobe. The two players are easily the best in the NBA with guys like Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul right behind them.

I know that I didn't answer the question we are all asking but I'm not so sure that this is even an answerable question.

Note: LeBron's shoes are better than Kobe's!

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